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Shoulder to shoulder, church to church, city to city, let's disciple the nations for Christ!

Only a global vision is worthy of a global God! We believe that disciplemaking is the core mission of the Church. Our heart and burden is to resource the Kingdom through free online training courses and small group materials for anyone, anywhere in the world! 

IDMC College

IDMC Movement offers free self-paced, Bible-based discipleship courses online. These courses are designed to equip learners with spiritual tools that transform their inner lives and relationship with God and people.  Go at your own pace as you make your way through 50+ video lectures, interactive questions, and in-depth forum discussions.

  • Semester 1: Order Your Inner Life
  • Semester 2: Eight Fold Discipleship
  • Semester 3: Foundations & Disciple Making
  • Semester 4: Discipleship and Mentoring
  • Semester 5: Spiritual Leadership & Leadership Formation

IDMC Training Courses

Our IDMC 101 and 201 training courses help churches redefine success and move towards creating intentional discipleship environments and empowering a disciplemaking culture. Invite your teams and make steps together to process how to become an Intentional Disciple Making Church. IDMC 101 and 201 is available after signing up in the courses tab.

Coaching and Training for Pastors and Leaders

We don’t try to be disciples, we train to be disciples. We work hard to intentionally train and consult with church leaders and staff teams to become intentional disciple making churches. This year we will be launching quarterly coaching and consultation sessions with Reverend Paul Jeyachandran and our pastoral staff team. Sign up and join the Pastors or Leaders group under the Network Tab to receive up to date details of our next coaching session.